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Comparison Chart

1. Premium Range

The Best Dog Food in Vietnam

Bếp Ben's personalised premium range is designed for hypoallergenic dogs, senior dogs, growing puppies, and parents who want the best option.

You can feed full or half-and-half (with kibble/homemade food/raw food.) We will ask you questions concerning your dog's breed, lifestyle, age, and health goals, and recommend a daily serving to begin with.

For a quote based on your pup's needs, and the price of each flavor, please chat to us.

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premium fresh dog food

2. Standard Range

standard fresh dog food

Our most popular option

Bếp Ben's standard range is an affordable option for all pup parents. You can feed a personalised (full/half diet) based on our feeding guidelines, or feed the flexible option - to add as many/as little of our human-grade fresh food in your pupper's bowl, as you want!

Cost per Bag:

  • 250g: From 30,000₫ (Chicken), 35,000₫ (Pork), 40,000₫ (Beef)
  • 500g: From 55,000₫ (Chicken), 60,000₫ (Pork), 70,000₫ (Beef)
  • 1kg: From 100,000₫ (Chicken), 110,000₫ (Pork), 130,000₫ (Beef)
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3. Topper Range

A hydrating, wholesome addition

Bếp Ben's topper range is our most affordable option yet. Simply 'top' up your pup's current meal with our toppers and mix generously. Guaranteed to turn even the fussiest pups into eager eaters.

200g pouches: 35,000₫ (Chicken), 35,000₫ (Pork), 45,000₫ (Beef)

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bep ben topper range

Comparison Chart

Below, we've listed out the key factors to assess when it comes to your pup's food. If you'd like further assistance, please contact us.

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