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Pet Food,

Human-grade, gently-cooked fresh pet food & treats, from our kitchen to yours.

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Balanced & Complete
Follows USA AAFCO International Standards
Fresh Human-Grade
No Artificial
Colours, Flavours & Preservatives

Why Choose Bếp Ben?

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Healthier & Happier Pets

Fewer vet visits, increased vitality, clear skin & shiny coat, allergy relief, less pet odor, less smelly farts, and better poops!

Peace Of Mind

Complete & Balanced meals following International USA AAFCO Standard. No artificial colors, flavours, and preservatives.

Easy & Convenient

Our fresh food and nutritional booster toppings are easily portioned for daily feeding. Talk to our team to get personalised consultations for your pets.

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LeiLei & LouLou's Story

Improvements to digestion, skin & coat

As fur parents, we can attest to the positive changes we've seen in our pets since switching to BepBen. First and foremost, BepBen uses high-quality protein sources and ingredients that provide essential nutrients for dogs. Since switching to BepBen, I've noticed significant improvements in my dogs' digestion, skin, and coat. They experience fewer digestive issues, and their coats are now shiny, soft, and healthy-looking.

It's clear that BepBen's high-quality ingredients and production have had a positive impact on my pets' overall health and wellbeing. I highly recommend BepBen to any dog owner who wants to provide their pets with a healthy and tasty diet. The brand's commitment to quality and variety of protein sources and ingredients make it a great choice for any furry friend.

Thuy Lan Nguyen, LeiLei & LouLou's mum

Wendi Dang's Story

Clean Bowls, Happy Cats Everytime!

I'm absolutely thrilled with the cat food from Bep Ben!

My cats just can't get enough of it. Whenever I'm running low, I make sure to restock immediately. It's incredibly satisfying to see my cats eagerly finish every meal, a clear sign of how much they enjoy it. The high quality of Bep Ben's food gives me great confidence as a pet owner. Knowing that my cats are not only enjoying their meals but also receiving top-notch nutrition is a wonderful feeling.

I highly recommend Bep Ben's cat food to any cat owner who values both the happiness and health of their pets.

Wendi Dang, Mama to 4 cats

Xe Đạp's Story

Softer Coat, Better Poops, Better Breath

My Samoyed (almost 5 years old) went from simply finishing premade raw food (in order not to be too hungry) to actually enjoying his meals. Thanks to Bếp Ben his bowl is always spotless now and our freezer is always packed with every flavor. His favourites are Fish & Beef, and ever since we switch to this new diet we actually receive praises from others that his coat is softer, and his breath isn’t smelly any more (we thought we were the only ones imagining it ).The ingredients ratio is also balanced so we don’t have to cook veggies or add supplements to his meals like we used to. Plus when it’s poo poo time he doesn’t even have to try for the  to come out.

The meal price is reasonable, and as we live in Hanoi there’s also a shipping fee from HCMC which is quite pricey but the quality is definitely worth every penny.  I’m 100% sure I’m gonna stick with Bếp Ben for a long time coming - thank you Bếp Ben team!

Minh Hà, Xe Đạp's mum

Aicha Bella's Pupper Story

Clean Bowls, Happy Bellies, Better Poops

There aren't enough good things I can say about Bếp Ben. There is so much meat in the food and so many other amazing ingredients I couldn't believe it and she ate the whole bowl licking it clean. What's more is that she didn't have any problems going to the toilet anymore! Healthy toilet trips that are easy to pick up without making the neighbours mad! Haha! Now I wouldn't even consider ordering from anywhere else because my dog is so happy and healthy. The freeze dried seafood treats and the gravy toppers are unlike anything I've ever seen for a dog and my baby seems to love it all! I now order one month in advance as they also have some discount for bigger orders!

I love that it's just a small business but I'm sure they will grow in the future due to the quality of their ingredients and amazing service. Thanks so much for the quick response to my messages and for my free advice and little gift for my first order.  You can see my pictures to see my freezer full of Bếp Ben and also a happy doggy.

Aicha Bella, fur pupper mama

Tram Tran's Story

Cats Love it, Fresh Smell, Beautiful Packaging

My cats are big fans of Bep Ben cat food.  It's always a clear sign they're enjoying their meal when I see them eagerly digging in. What I also like is the fresh smell each time I open a new bag – it's a nice change from other cat foods. The packaging is pretty neat too, easy on the eyes and simple to use. It's these little things that make feeding my cats a bit more enjoyable.

Finding a brand that my cats love and that also feels good quality-wise is a win for me. I'm definitely sticking with Bep Ben for a while.

Tram Tran, fur cat mama

About Us

bep ben about us

We're a family of 6 from Australia & Vietnam.

Victor is passionate about pet health and nutrition. He believes that the foundations of good health, lie in a healthy, fresh, wholefood diet, and is excited to share this with others.

Cindy's goal is to help as many people make the switch to a real food diet for cats & dogs. She's working hard behind the scenes, to disrupt the antiquated pet food industry built for shelf life and not nutrition.

Cindy Huynh - Dip. Canine Nutrition, Dip. Feline Nutrition

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