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Our Story

Bep Ben started with Victor and Cindy's dogs Boba, Nori, and Eevee. They wanted to give their fur babies the best nutrition possible to ensure they are happy and healthy from the inside out.

Our Mission

For the love of dogs

Why Fresh, Natural Food?

Knowing what to feed your dog can be extremely overwhelming. With Boba, Nori, and Eevee, Victor tried a variety of different diets and found lightly cooked, fresh food to be the best option. Here's why.

Fresh, lightly cooked food

Lightly cooked food at low temperatures ensure that vital nutrients and moisture are retained. It also minimizes the risk of exposure to potentially bad bacteria and other pathogens. Bep Ben's fresh, lightly cooked recipes also contain purposeful ingredients that benefit dogs from the inside out.

Our Recipes

What were the other options?


Raw meat typically contains pet-grade ingredients and isn't always complete and balanced. So, whilst this type of food can be workable for many dogs, there is potential for contamination, and can be dangerous for dogs with weak digestion or immune system. Raw food is also not appropriate in households with young children, the elderly, and immunocompromised tenants.


With its eye-catching packaging and overall convenience, kibble looks good on the shelf, but if we're honest, this is where it should stay. Why? It is sprayed with palatants to try and entice your pupper, and is cooked at such high temperatures that destroys natural vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that then have to be added back in.


Canned food often contains additives and BPA, which make it shelf-stable for years - very convenient if you like to bulk buy or have fussy puppers. To ensure this longevity and control the growth of harmful bacteria, the cans are heat-sterilised between 121°C and 250°C. Unfortunately, this heat intensive process destroys many of the natural vitamins and minerals.

How fresh food compares

"Nori went from having digestive problems and tummy upsets on kibble, to no longer having smelly farts and stinky poos on fresh dog food."

After seeing the transformation of our dogs' health, our mission is to transform dog food so all dogs in Vietnam can thrive.

Founders Cindy & Victor

Our Mission

Improve the way people feed and care for their dogs in Vietnam.

Meet the Bep Ben Pack

Hi guys! We're Victor and Cindy. We're a family of 5 from Vietnam and Australia.

Victor is passionate about dog health and nutrition. Victor is the mastermind behind the nutritious yet delicious meals for your dogs. If you're chatting to our team, Victor's the one you're talking to. He'll make sure you know what's in the food, how much to feed your dog, and how to transition effectively.

Cindy's goal is to help as many people make the switch to a real food diet for dogs. She's working hard behind the scenes, to disrupt the antiquated pet food industry built for shelf life and not nutrition. If you like our educational content, you'd be happy to know that Cindy's the one constructing them.

Cindy Huynh Dip. Canine Nutrition

Guided by science.
Driven by love.

Based on scientific research, longstanding evidence and advice from top nutritionists, our recipes are formulated to contain a mix of high protein, moderate fat and low GI carbohydrates. We also follow AAFCO and FEDIAF guidelines to ensure each of our recipes are suitable for all life stages.

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