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The Vietnamese dog food industry is unregulated and it's notoriously hard to know what's actually in your food; from local suppliers to international processed brands. Compare Vietnamese Dog Food Options to the way we do things at Bep Ben.

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With such vague labelling, comparing ingredient quality, manufacturing processes, and transparency can be hard. So let's compare Vietnamese dog food options and how they stack up to Bep Ben.

Why We're Better

If you've purchased fresh dog food from locals, you'd know that our food has higher quality ingredients, yet a cheaper price. That's because we sell Direct-To-Consumer (DTC). We've cut out the middlemen, so those savings get passed to you!

Other Fresh/Pate Dog Food Vs Bếp Ben

Other Fresh/Pate Brand

  • Not a complete and balanced diet
  • Lacks key macro and micro minerals required for healthy functioning (e.g. Calcium and trace elements)
  • No quality standards
  • Questionable ingredient quality
  • Lack of proper packaging
  • High contamination concerns
  • Unclear food production process
  • Limited expertise and knowledge

Bếp Ben

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Victor and Eevee

We've tried many local fresh/pate dog food brands in Vietnam. Through my research, I found that these brands did not provide a balanced diet for my dogs. They functioned more as a topper than a complete meal. When I spoke to their staff, they were unhelpful, unprofessional and didn't know how to answer any of my concerns.

When I started Bep Ben, Cindy and I wanted to give our dogs and other puppers the best dog food in Vietnam. We received our Canine Nutrition Diploma and tested numerous recipes on our dogs. Our goal is to pass on our knowledge and ensure that all dogs in Vietnam are healthy on the inside out.


Raw Food Vs Bếp Ben

Raw Food

  • Unbalanced diet
  • Contains high levels of bacterial contaminants.
  • Does not provide the essential nutritional content required for healthy functioning
  • Poor quality control and sanitation standards
  • Unclear food production process
  • Ambiguous source material
  • Not recommended for puppies, senior/geriatric dogs, dogs with weak digestive systems, dogs with pancreatitis and those with weak immune systems
  • Not recommended for dogs in families with infants, elderly people, or immunocompromised individuals
  • Even the best companies in regulated countries (USA) still encounter recalls due to bacterial contamination

Bếp Ben

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Dino is my 6 year old German Shepherd that previously ate a raw diet. I made the switch to fresh food because I found that fresh food was easier on his tummy. I'm so happy that Dino loved Bep Ben. He enjoys eating the food and just after 3 weeks had a shinier coat, more energy, and better poops!


Store-bought Kibble Vs Bếp Ben

Store-bought Kibble

  • Feed Grade Ingredients: Allowed to contain disease animal material and meat ingredients sourced from non-slaughtered animals - with no disclosure requirement
  • Highly Processed ingredients: Most nutrients are lost in kibble during the high-heat process so flavor enhancers and synthetic nutrients are added
  • Processed Ingredients can be carcinogenic
  • High-Starch Carbohydrate Content
  • Low Moisture which puts the dog in a constant state of dehydration
  • Added synthetic colors and chemicals
  • Misleading Labelling
  • Good luck getting quick service

Bếp Ben

  • Fresh, high-quality ingredients: We only include ingredients that we can eat! All meat, vegetables, and fruit in our recipes follow regulations set for humans in Vietnam.
  • Fresh Ingredients: Our nutrients come directly from our fresh ingredients
  • No processed ingredients: No potential for carcinogenic substances
  • Low Carbohydrate Content: We only include Low GI carbs at a low percentage
  • High Moisture
  • No added synthetic colors and chemicals
  • Fully transparent labelling
  • You're talking to the people who make it!
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Fifi used to eat Royal Canin Diet Kibble because she was overweight. However, when she made the switch to Bep Ben, I instantly noticed that she had a lot more energy than before. She would play with other dogs at the park instead of just lying down (like she used to). Her coat is also shinier, her body composition is a lot more muscular, and I love how much more energy she has!


Homemade Cooking Vs Bếp Ben

Homemade Food

  • Extremely difficult to achieve a balanced and complete diet
  • Often misses key vitamins required for optimal functioning
  • You need to stick to a proven nutritionally adequate diet every day. If you decide to change the diet (or even a few ingredients), you need to check in with your vet to see whether your meal is still nutritionally balanced and complete
  • Shopping for ingredients can take a lot of time
  • Preparing the food and cooking the recipes is also highly time consumptive (even if you batch - we've tried!)
  • You need to consider continual storage option, especially if you decide to batch cook your food
  • Can be very expensive

Bếp Ben

  • Follows (and even exceeds!) AAFCO and FEDIAF standards for a balanced diet
  • Includes all the key macro and micro vitamins and minerals required for optimal functioning
  • We purchase wholesale and produce the food in bulk so you can reap better savings
  • Delivered to your door for convenience
  • No Commitment. If you want to go on the auto-delivery option, you can always cancel anytime.
  • Store only as much as you can. You can purchase as-you-go. If you choose the auto-delivery option, we'll only ship as much as you can store in your freezer/fridge. We can store the remaining for you.
  • You can feed the same recipe everyday and ensure nutritional adequacy
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I used to prepare a lot of homemade food for Hachi. It took a lot of work (especially since I had a business to run) but I was happy to do it, until I found out about Bep Ben. Bep Ben provides all the nutrients required for a meal and saves me so much time buying, preparing, and cooking the food! It saves me a lot of money in the long run and I think Bep Ben, even has better ingredients than what I would feed Hachi!

- SON MA, Hachi's Dad

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